minimum pricing

Scotland’s alcohol consumption on the rise

Alcohol sales in Scotland increased 2015, bucking a downward trend in consumption in the UK, with off-trade sales at their highest in over 20 years.

Cider sector clarifies minimum price issue

The National Association of Cider Makers has warned the trade to be alert to differences in how various types of cider are affected by the UK government’s new ban on selling alcoholic drinks below cost.

MPs call for alcohol label health warnings

UK MPs have warned of “a national crisis” as a result of alcohol misuse, calling for health warnings to appear on all drinks labels, among other measures.

Beer cheaper than water in World Cup price war

Some lagers are being sold for less than a bottle of water as competing supermarkets look to cash-in on the World Cup, health experts have warned.

Top 10 trends in UK retail (5-1)

September 27th, 2012

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