Drink and drama: top 10 quotes

Wine, beer and spirits have been causing mirth and mayhem for millennia and the world of theatre has been quick to capitalise. We consider some of the finest, most provocative drinks quotations from the stage.

Falstaff, one of theatre's most famous drunkards

Falstaff, one of theatre’s most famous drunkards

Ever since stage drama emerged from the religious rituals of Classical Greece, right through to Shakespeare, Noel Coward and some of our most modern plays, drink has provided the catalyst for comedy, chaos and more thoughtful musings about the role of alcohol in civilised society.

Of course, theatre is not alone in using alcohol, whether as a plot device, ambience aid or simply product placement. Indeed, the drinks business has already explored some of the most famous fictional drinks, top tipples from the James Bond franchise and films where both whisky and Champagne enjoy memorable cameos.

Over the following pages we highlight pieces of drama where the effect of alcohol – whether positive, negative or causing consternation somewhere in between – offers not just entertainment but often thought provoking reflection on the human condition.

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  1. What, nothing from Jeffery Bernard is Unwell?

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