007’s top 10 tipples

Alcohol and James Bond go hand in hand.

Throughout the 22 James Bond movies, numerous cocktails, Champagnes and beers have made an appearance.

Conventional wisdom may point to him always ordering a martini “shaken not stirred”, though this is not always true as Champagne actually gets more mentions.

Taking in both the books by Ian Fleming and the films, Champagne is mentioned 35 times, vodka martini 22 times and red wine 10 times.

For the movies there are also significant drink brand associations with the franchise including Smirnoff Vodka – it was featured in the first James Bond film, Dr No – Bollinger Champagne and Heineken.

Reports are that the new bond film – “Skyfall” – will set new records for product placement. It is due for release on 26 October.

The drinks business has charted the top 10 drinks that 007 enjoys.

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  1. You’ve missed out his recent conversion to South African wine, in the latest Bond novel by Jeffery Deaver. See: http://sedimentblog.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/enjoying-wine-james-bond-007-style.html

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