Top 10 fictional drinks

 As 21st Century Fox announce the launch of an official Duff beer, a brew made popular by The Simpsons, we take a look at some of the most-loved fictional beverages to appear on the big screen.

Duff_manWith The Simpsons now in its 26th season, having unbelievably first aired in 1989, and with such a strong following it could be said that an official Duff beer is long overdue. While many versions of Duff beer have been released over the years, most significantly in Australia but also Germany, Colombia and New Zealand, this will be the first officially endorsed by 21st Century Fox.

Described as a premium lager, the beer is due to be released in South America and Europe early next year. Whether it will enjoy the same longevity as its associated TV series remains to be seen.

Its imminent launch got us thinking about the other fictional brews beloved by TV and film fans, some of which obsess to the point of recreating their own versions at home or pay thousands for a piece of alcohol-related TV history.

Could corners of the drinks trade, and wider film and TV industry, be missing a trick? With this in mind we take a look at some of the biggest fictional alcoholic beverages in TV and film, which could just make it into reality.

Scroll through for our pick of the fictional beverages we wish were real…

Have we missed any? Please leave a comment below.

4 Responses to “Top 10 fictional drinks”

  1. Liz Halkon says:

    How about Leopard Lager from Red Dwarf, a key ingredient of beer milkshakes? Or Scumble, courtesy of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, which should be drunk in thimblefuls and must not be allowed to come into contact with metal or water.

  2. Ron Panno says:

    Severely dismayed at the complete lack of “Glengoolie Blue” from FX’s adult cartoon, Archer.

  3. Dave says:

    The Laughing Swede from Cheers, along with it’s bruised cucumber 😀

    And Romulan Ale is (unfortunately) a real thing, a hideous blue beer from Ecuador. If you ever find any of it, don’t.

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