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Saturday 25 February 2017 loc: US


波尔多酒业大亨Bernard Magrez准备推出新酒牌

波尔多酒业大亨Bernard Magrez,克莱蒙教皇酒庄(Pape Clément)庄主,买下了圣埃斯泰夫(St.Estephe)地区几块新的葡萄地,准备推出一个新的葡萄酒品牌。

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Premier Cru owner sentenced to six years

John Fox, owner of bankrupt fine wine retailer Premier Cru, has been sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison for running a ponzi scheme for two decades.

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Fine wine trends 2016: the merchants speak out

What fine wines have come in and out of fashion during 2016? And what will do well in 2017? We find out the latest trends from the world’s leading merchants.

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通常和客户见面进餐,大家都带几瓶很出色的葡萄酒来配可口的中式菜肴,可最近在香港和客户吃晚餐时,有一个客人拿了一瓶1990年份滴金酒庄(Château d’Yquem)甜酒。

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Sotheby’s claims lead in wine auction results

UK-based auction house Sotheby’s claims to have “dominated” the global wine auction market in 2016 with sales in excess of US$70 million.

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Glenelly in wine tourism push

Glenelly, the Stellenbosch estate owned by Bordeaux doyenne May de Lencquesaing, is embarking on a tourism drive with a new restaurant, tasting room and museum.

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Fine wine investment: fundamental narratives

Fine wine investment is a medium to long term game. It should not be treated as a quick in-and-out gamble. There are several reasons for this but the most significant is the cost of doing business.

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China sweetens up to Château Guiraud

With Bordeaux exports to China reaching all time high, grand cru Sauternes estate Château Guiraud is reporting an increase of its sweet wines’ sale in China.

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Uncorked: Li Demei

China’s leading oenologist Li Demei speaks to dbHK about the first wine that drew him into the industry and the wine he would have served at his funeral.

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