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Are these the most unpopular beer opinions?

The most unpopular beer opinions have been highlighted by Reddit in a thread which has seen beer fans swoop in to show vehement disagreement.

The thread, which was recently flagged by Vinepair noting Redditors issues regarding the over-abundance of IPAs and heightened feelings over American macro lagers, laid bare both the controversial and unpopular. However, here are the platform’s top four most unpopular opinions of all.

Pliny the Younger isn’t worth the line
This beer, which was first brewed by California’s Russian River Brewing in 2005 as a winter version of Pliny the Elder, has become one of the most highly sought after beers in the craft community with many people doing all they can to taste the beer before it sells out. But many have said that this beer isn’t worth the hype surrounding it and yet still Pliny retains its standing within the craft community, with the brewery selling out in minutes every year when release time rolls around and, yes, people will still wait in line for hours for it showing that it really could be considered to be worth that lining up for after all.

Stout season is all year long
The old adage that dark beers are for the colder months is still being refuted by many. As so many Redditors will attest, unless a beer is made with specific seasonal ingredients, it is not technically seasonal beer. One example comes from the fact that Nigeria is the third largest consumer of Guinness in the world. However, despite this, one Redditor’s campaign to reportedly “extend the stout season” didn’t seem to convince anyone else that stout was an ideal summer drink.

Modelo is “trash”
The Mexican lager that is owned by Constellation Brands, has huge popularity and continues to command a top position for a beer brand and so the responses to this comment received on Reddit were incredibly passionate when beer fans came to its defence. While many Redditors responded to tell the commenter how wrong they are and amplifying the talent and skill it takes to produce Modelo with such consistency at great volumes, not a single commenter agreed with this opinion, showing it up to be one of the most unpopular perspectives seen on the beer discussions thread.

3.5% is the ideal ABV 
The battle on ABV is a tough argument, because while some beer fans will state that the higher alcohol volumes allow brewers to retain flavours, others took to the beer discussions to express their desire for a better range of lower alcohol beer options at their favourite breweries, taprooms and bars. This led directly to one commenter stating that 3.5% ABV was the sweet spot, calling it the “ideal ABV” to which beer fans erupted to disagree with and note to be a completely baseless random statement. An unpopular beer opinion if ever there was one.

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