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db meets: Tommy Gambino, Gambino Prosecco

Tommy Gambino, the co-founder of Gambino Prosecco, on the future of the Prosecco category and his role in it.

When did you launch your Prosecco?

I launched Gambino Prosecco in September 2015. It is owned by the GV Liquid Group, Inc. What’s your background and how did you come to be involved in wine? It started with my great-grandfather making homemade wines in Sicily for the family. The love of wine and Prosecco has been passed down the family. Me and my wife, Jules, have brought the love of the Gambino family wines to America.

Where do you source your grapes from?

We source the grapes from the Treviso, region and also Valdobbiadene.

How many wines are there in the Gambino Prosecco range?

We produce three Proseccos: Gambino Prosecco Extra Dry DOC; Gambino Gold Prosecco Brut DOCG; and Jules Prosecco Rosé. We also make two other sparkling wines: Gambino Sparkling Wine; and Gambino Cuvée. Retail prices start at US$10.99 (£7.80) with our top-end wines selling for US$24.99.

Where are your wines sold?

We currently sell our range in the US, the Caribbean and in Portugal. Our goal is to expand into new markets this year.

What are your intentions for 2021?

We want to become the premier brand in Prosecco and for sparkling wine.

How has the company performed in the past year during the pandemic?

We have been very fortunate that in these unprecedented times we have seen growth in both our Prosecco and sparkling wine ranges.

Do you believe premiumisation in the Prosecco category is important? 

Yes, and I believe that Gambino Prosecco represents quality and the luxury aspect of sparkling wines. The caveat to this is that the more expensive a Prosecco is does not necessarily mean that it is of higher or better quality.

How much potential do you think rosé Prosecco has to boost the category?

I believe there is big potential for sparkling rosé wines, and this is why we released our Jules Prosecco Rosé. People find our pink bubbly irresistable for so many different occasions, and it is also affordably priced.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your brand?

There have been some challenges with the pandemic, but we have seen growth with Gambino Prosecco. We are very confident that as the economies around the world start reopening, we will see even more growth for the brand.

Do you have any new product launches planned for the year ahead?

Yes, we are just launching our Gambino Sparkling Wine in kegs at the moment, which we are excited about releasing.

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