HK’s first ‘authentic’ Caribbean rum cocktail bar opens in Central

Led by beverage manager Gerry Olino and founder Tiana Ludhani, The Daily Tot is the latest addition in the local mixology scene with a menu packed full of rare Caribbean rums and cocktails.

In Hong Kong, people used to think of Tiki bars when speaking of rum, so it was a dream for Barbados native Tiana Ludhani to introduce the first Caribbean rum cocktail bar in the city.

Partnering with Gerry Olino, formerly of Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour and Foxglove, the pair have co-created a bar menu with 11 signature rum cocktails, alongside a niche collection of rums sourced from distilleries in the heart of the Caribbean.

“We want to encourage people to drink rum as the sailors did – in its purest form,” said Ludhani. “We also want to showcase it through cocktails without masking it. We serve our own tot of rum which will change daily according to our collection.”

The rum collection has been handpicked by Ludhani with an aim to create an interesting and diverse collection from niche distilleries and plantations.

This includes the infamous Black Tot blended rum for which the bar has the sole rights in Hong Kong , as well as rhum agricoles from Martinique, Don Papa from the Philippines, Hampden Kill Devil from Jamaica and more to enjoy with a selection of cigars on the terrace.

The cocktails feature rums from Barbados, Bermuda, Cuba, Martinique, Panama and the Dominican Republic among others. Some of the signature libations are the ‘Old Tot’ made with the Daily Tot blended rum, Prosecco, lime, fresh mint and bitters alongside ‘La Bamba’ made with eco-spirit Plantation Dark Rum, Remy Martin VSOP, maple syrup, tobacco bitters and smoked with apple wood chips.

Unmissable cocktails also include the ‘Loco for Coco’ which is the team’s version of coconut water on the beach made with Matusalem Solera Rum, coconut rum, coconut tea, maraschino liqueur, lime juice, bitters in a sustainable coconut shell. Day-time drinking favourites include the ‘Chiquita’ which is essentially a banana spritz of white rum, banana liqueur, Lillet blanc, and Prosecco.

For non-rum cocktails, the menu will change seasonally to showcase mixology innovation and local ingredients, for example, the ‘Fuego’ which has a spicy take with Tequila, pomegranate juice, rosemary, cardamom and jalapeño.

The bar’s name is an ode to 300 years of Navy tradition, The Daily Tot holds Caribbean rum at its heart. This 1,300 sq ft Cuban inspired bar located on the corner of Hollywood Road and Peel Street pays homage to the centuries old ritual of handing out a daily rum ration ‘the daily tot’ to Royal Navy sailors from the 18th century to 1970s.

Address: 58 Hollywood Road, Felicity Building, Shop E, LG/F Central District

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