12 award-winning organic sparkling wines for 2020

Following this year’s Global Organic Masters, we’ve picked out a dozen top-scoring sparkling wines, taking in England, Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Pignoletto and Mendoza.

Among the many categories of organic wine that featured in this year’s competition, it was those with bubbles that proved home to some of the very best samples.

Not only were the wines delicious, but we also had a selection that offered exceptional value – particularly from Cava.

Bearing in mind the regular need to find good-value fizz for events and celebrations, it was great to unearth some delicious options for just such occasions that were also organic.

All the wines that feature over the following pages were selected ‘blind’ – which means that they were tasted without any knowledge as to their source or varietal components – as part of db’s Organic Wine Masters 2020.

This annual competition is the largest organic-only wine tasting in the UK, and has been devised to single out the best samples in this growing sector, with the only stipulation for entries being that the grapes and / or wine must be certified organic and / or biodynamic.

The selection below follows our previous handful of great-value organic white wines, which you can see by clicking here, as well as a listing of five fantastic organic reds for under £10, which you can view here, and more recently, a list of seven outstanding organic wines for summer, to champion lighter styles, along with our top 10 best wines from the competition.

Please see below for our selection of outstanding organic sparkling wines, and if you think you deserve a place on this list, please visit The Global Masters website for more information, or, to enter future competitions, please call: +44 (0) 20 7803 2420 or email Sophie Raichura at: sophie@thedrinksbusiness.com

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