Five fantastic organic white wines for under £10

If you want to imbibe something fresh, light, alcoholic and environmentally-friendly, but without spending a fortune, then read on for our list of five fantastic organic white wines for under £10.

All the wines that feature over the following pages have been selected ‘blind’ – which means that they were tasted without any knowledge as to their source or varietal components – as part of db’s Organic Wine Masters.

This annual competition is the largest organic-only wine tasting in the UK, and has been devised to single out the best samples in this growing sector, with the only stipulation for entries being that the grapes and / or wine must be certified organic and / or biodynamic.

With organic grapes generally considered around 20% more expensive to grow compared to conventionally-managed vineyards, it was particularly pleasing in this year’s competition to see a high standard of inexpensive white wines feature in the competition.

That added cost for organics relates to the fact that the farming method commonly produces fewer grapes per vine, and requires more labour to manage, so it’s encouraging to see that good results can be achieved for organic wine while keeping a low price point for the end product.

And let’s hope that the trend towards a more widespread practice of sensitive vineyard management continues, as the world faces an economic depression caused by Covid-19 – any downturn tends to bring on cost-cutting measures, and when it comes to a low-margin product like wine, there’s a fear that this could mean cheaper, less sustainable approaches in the vineyard.

While vineyard management that protects soil health and promotes biodiversity tends to go hand in hand with organic grape growing, there are plenty of producers who manage their vineyards in an environmentally-responsible manner without seeking organic certification.

In other words, please don’t believe that wine without a bio logo on the label is necessarily causing damage to its natural environment during the production process, but do take comfort in the fact that all the wines recommended below have been certified by an independent body, and have then been independently assessed by db, as well as deemed to be of great quality relative to their price points.

So, take a look at our five fantastic organic white wines for under £10, and read on for further information on the Global Organic Masters, a well as how to enter.

2 Responses to “Five fantastic organic white wines for under £10”

  1. Ivan Clifford says:

    Are any of these, other than the Forza Della Natura which is available in Aldi, being sold in UK Supermarkets?

  2. Patrick Schmitt says:

    yes, the Santa Julia organic Torrontes is carried by Waitrose, and currently on a price promotion – see here:

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