Brewdog and metal band release alcohol-free beer

Scottish craft beer giant Brewdog has partnered with American heavy metal group Lamb of God to release a new non-alcoholic beer.

Called Ghost Walker, the beer comes in at 0.5% ABV, and is a “celebration of clarity in the face of adversity”, according to Brewdog’s website.

It is a hop-forward IPA-style beer, with tropical aromas, grassy pine notes, and a solid malt baseline, according to the brewer, which also released a video on Youtube to complement its launch on 14 April.

Lead singer Randy Blythe said the idea came about when he and fellow bandmate Willie Adler visited a BrewDog bar in Columbus on a day off from their current tour to sample a few pints of non-alcoholic beer.

Blythe said: “Countless bands have done beer collaborations, but we are the world’s first non-alcoholic one. In my not-so-humble opinion, this is the best non-alcoholic beer ever made.”

The band have released nine studio albums since forming in 1994 (originally called Burn the Priest). The beer itself is named after their song Ghost Walking, which appeared on their 2012 album Resolution.

Metal bands and beer go together like Brewdog and bold PR stunts. As early as 2012 Motörhead released a beer with Swedish company Krönleins, complimenting a portfolio of Motörhead drinks which already included a Shiraz and a vodka.

Perhaps the best known collaboration is that of British group Iron Maiden. The band has launched several ales and a lager with brewer Robinsons over the past seven years after releasing their first beer in 2013, and added a stout and IPA to the Trooper range last month.

Metallica and California’s Stone Brewing also worked together on a beer called Enter Night which launched in the US last summer.

Outside the metal world, east London craft brewery Signature Brewing collaborated with Bristol-based alternative rock group Idles on a lager last year called KRFSHT!, named for “the almighty sound of a can of beer opening.” Another contribution from Signature Brew is a double black IPA, Black Tongue, produced in partnership with American heavy metal band Mastodon.

In fact, everyone from emo heartthrobs Panic! At the Disco to New Wave icons New Order have a beer to their name.

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