The countries that have banned alcohol sales due to the coronavirus

South Africa

South Africa, the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak in Africa, has enforced strict lockdown measures. The country has banned the sale and export of alcohol until 16 April.

The country’s government has also prohibited the purchase of tobacco and restricted shopping trips to essentials.

Walking for exercise has been banned, and public gatherings are not allowed.

However, the country’s wine industry received a welcome boost last week when viticultural and winemaking work was deemed “essential”. This means that wineries will be allowed to finished their 2020 harvest and work on the wine in their cellars.

Citing reasons for the alcohol ban, the government said that booze reduces a person’s ability to practice social distancing and practice good personal hygiene. It also stated that alcohol can affect the immune system, meaning that those with already weak immune systems will make themselves more susceptible to disease.

It also said that an alcohol prohibition would “limit the possibility of an increase in incidents of domestic violence” and also reduce stress on the emergency services.

24 Responses to “The countries that have banned alcohol sales due to the coronavirus”

  1. Andrea says:

    Alcohol off-licence supplies have been disrupted in New Zealand with the lock down. Liquor stores have closed as well as a ban on delivery on non-essential items so disrupting online sales. Supermarkets are the remaining off-licence supplier selling beer, wine and cider.

  2. Wazha Dam says:

    We have a 30 day ban on the sale of alcohol by any retailer in Botswana and we are going on to a 28 day lock down from tomorrow.

  3. Hans says:

    How did you miss the Bahamas? All liquor stores shuttered. And folks are getting the D.T.s.

  4. Julian-Rodriques Jacobs says:

    This is false.
    South Africa IS NOT the epicenter of the COVID 19 outbreak.
    Wuhan, China is.

  5. Scott Painter says:

    Panama was among, if not the first (April 24). Alas, I finished my last Cerveza Balboa Friday night. Dark days ahead!

  6. Michael says:

    Thailand, ban on all alcohol sales from April 10th to April 20th.

  7. Ann says:

    Alcohol and covid-19 do not mix. Yes, cutting off the supply of alcohol can cause hardship to some alcoholics, but the risk of domestic violence do to increased alcohol consumption is very concerning. A friend’s partner has significantly increased his alcohol consumption and she lives in fear in her own home both from him directly and from his excursions into the community to obtain alcohol, which may inadvertently bring covid-19 into the home as well. Although many people can handle alcohol just fine, and it can help them through this stressful time, too many people have addiction problems with alcohol. Think about the innocent victims stuck in homes with aggressive and violent alcoholics. As a psychologist, that is my greatest concern.

  8. M.A.K. Jamaloodeen says:

    South Africa has banned the sale of cigarettes, which is really stupid because the blackmarket is now thriving. How do you suddenly stop smoking after 47 years. What about the withdrawal symptoms. Proof of this draconian law: numerous liquor stores are being burgled across the country, and home brewing is kicking off. The Prohibition did not work in USA.

  9. Concerned citizen says:

    Why did you ban cigarettes because we I mean we don’t share it. Liquor store must also be opened. Suddenly we are all in rehabilitation. No this is was not discussed it’s a one man’s talk. Plz check background before implementation. Close all getherings and meeting I thought that is the main issue here.

  10. Robert Mitchell says:

    Sale of liquor should be controlled not banned – limit customers

  11. Frustrated guy says:

    You can’t put everyone in the same bowl. Some people can handle alcohol and don’t hit everyone or drive there car into a pole. We aren’t kids, we can decide for ourselves when to drink and do so responsibly.

  12. Pissed off says:

    I can understand the ban on alcohol but in South Africa the powers that be have banned cigarette sales, not fun at all man.

  13. Raged says:

    I cannot understand why these rules are implemented on us, I mean, we are already have to deal with this horrible pandemic and now, we have to suffer even more, cigarettes are banned, alcohol is banned. How can they rob us of our freedom like this. It’s utterly ridiculous, what is the point of living anymore if your country is making you suffer more than you should. It’s like we are all held captive in their diabolical plan.

  14. Heike Hagelmann says:

    South Africa baned Alc. and zigs. because Dlamini Zuma wants to show her power. She insist Zigs must be baned because poor people share a Zigarette and the infection would spread faster. Now she allows alcohol . So drunk people can abuse there family’s or brèak lockdown rules because they drunk and spread the virus .And poor share there cheap Alc.out of one bottle . So what’s the point here? Because there are certain people stupid she treats us all like stupid. A smoker is not more in danger than others, also high overweight people at high risk and we have plenty of them, do they have to stop eating Now? There is no hard proof of smokers to die faster. They just guessing. How many smoker are among the people past away do to corona? Zuma is on a vendetta and misusing her power. Yes I know smoking is unheathy and not good but leave the decision to myself.

  15. Nevermind Tatenda Mupanedende says:

    How can you even ban ciggarates the law should be like ,you will be prosecuted if seen sharing..simple.this must come to an end…no to rehabilitation to all

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