Three pigs break into supermarket and hit the spirits

Three pigs in the Siberian city of Tyumen carried out a ‘smash and grab’ raid over the festive period, breaking two bottles of Cognac and slurping the contents off the floor.

A video of the pesky porkers perusing the booze shelves at a branch of Russian convenience store Pyaterochka was posted online by the Tyumen Times. 

The incident occurred on 6 January during the festive period between the New Year and Orthodox Christmas Day (7 January).

The hogs, believed to be a female pig and her two piglets, went on a rampage, helping themselves to some Cognac before being escorted out of the premises by staff.

According to reports from local media, one customer complained: “Is this a pigsty or a store?” Another, more sympathetic to the pigs’ plight, joked: “We all like a drink at this time of year”.

Reported to be from a nearby smallholding, the pigs were later returned to their owner unharmed, but maybe slightly pickled.

These are not the only pigs with a documented love of the hard stuff.

Frances Bacon, a Vietnamese micro pig, received a ban from Conquering Hero pub in West Norwood in 2015 after she was spotted slurping from customers’ glasses, head-butting punters under the tables and raiding the pub’s bar snack stocks.

On one snack raid, Bacon munched her way through a bag of dry-roasted nuts and, a little disturbingly, pork scratchings, which she had a particular liking for.

Bacon is not the only pig reported to have a penchant for a pint. Back in 2013, db reported that a feral pig had caused havoc at an Australian campsite, after drinking up to 18 cans of beer and then going on a drunken rampage.

The pig was said to have guzzled three six-packs of beer before going onto ransack a rubbish bin in search of food, before starting a fight with a cow.

Dubbed “Swino” by locals, the hog was reported to have gone on to committ other beer binges. Sadly for Swino, his/her beer swigging antics came to an abrupt end when he/she was killed in a suspected road traffic accident. 

Other animals known to have made a nuisance of themselves in alcohol stores include a rampaging peacock which destroyed US$500 worth of wine and spirits in a liquor store in Los Angeles and an opossum, who went overboard at Thanksgiving, after being found at a Cash’s liquor store in Florida beside a broken and empty bottle of Bourbon.

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