Top 10 on-trade drinks trends for 2020

UK drinks distributor Bibendum has revealed its top 10 on-trade trend predictions for the new year, including a rise in sustainable packaging, increasing listings of Austrian wine and the diversification of the low- and no-alcohol segment.

Bibendum has used its in-house tracking tools to predict the 10 most dominant trends due to develop in UK bars and restaurants next year.

Using its Mode program, which analyses drinks lists in central London sites, along with ‘Pourtraits’, a panel of 2,000 consumers segmented by drinking habits, the on-trade supplier believes it has picked out 10 drinks categories and themes that will make a mark.

It has also used data supplied by Ipsos Mori, King’s College London, Global Data, Nielsen and CGA.

Last year, the distributor tipped Cabernet Franc, wines from Canada and Uruguay, grapes including País and Bonarda, native Italian varieties, French regions including Savoie and Jura, vegan wine, saké and Croatian wine as among the top crazes in the on-trade.

Scroll through to view its predictions for 2020.

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