Fine wine predictions for 2020

New hope for the new world?

Although he has been impeached by the House of Representatives, there is little is any chance of President Trump being impeached by the Republican-controlled Senate.

Shelve, therefore, any hope that might have been sparked that a Trump downfall would lead to an end to tariffs etc etc.

Even if the 100% bill on EU wines isn’t passed, the 25% tariffs still remain. Italy may or may not be in a better position than its European counterparts as a result but the real beneficiaries in the US market could be all the non-European wines.

Of course US buyers can first and foremost choose to ‘buy American’ which might spark a drive among fine wine collectors for all manner of top Californian and other wines.

It might do a lot to boost demand for South American names: Almaviva, Seña, Catena Zapata and Cheval des Andes are all Andean labels that could benefit. Many of them are lingering on the fringes of the Power 100 list, could anti-EU tariffs be the lift they need to make it into the big time?

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  1. Peter says:

    Trump doesn’t give a s*** about French wine farmers cares about United States farmers so keep your opinion about trump to yourselves He’s the President of the United States not The president of France

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