Fine wine predictions for 2020

Au ‘natural’

Back in the June issue of the drinks business we examined the rising tide of ‘natural’ and ‘grower’ wines from France.

This wave of minimal intervention wines of course spans many more countries but France in particular is unearthing some serious boutique producers.

As well as being small scale and from growers who are often organic or biodynamic, they tend to be from regions and use grape varieties that have been overlooked or neglected by the wider market for French ‘fine wines’.

The Loire, Jura, Languedoc, parts of the Rhône and Beaujolais are particular hotspots.

French online auctioneer iDealwine in particular has noticed an uptick in interest in ‘natural’ wines. Producers such as Clos Rougeard in the Loire and Domaine des Miroirs in Jura are attainting higher and higher prices at sales and a new record was recently set for a bottle of the first vintage (1992) of Grange des Pères – €5,000.

These are not wines you’re likely to see on Liv-ex (much, any time soon at least) but they are out there making waves.

And this demand for more sustainably made, authentic wine is having a big effect on more traditional areas of fine wine too.

In Bordeaux in particular we see estates such as Palmer and Pontet-Canet and now Yquem going biodynamic. Latour is certified organic too. Estates are retreating from the big, in-your-face style of the late ‘90s and early to mid-2000s and even using fewer sulphites and doing less fining and clarification. Places like Carmes de Haut-Brion are even using a bit of whole bunch fermentation. Natural wines may not overthrow the established order but that doesn’t mean they can’t help shake it up.

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  1. Peter says:

    Trump doesn’t give a s*** about French wine farmers cares about United States farmers so keep your opinion about trump to yourselves He’s the President of the United States not The president of France

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