Top 10 space-related drinks launches

Star Trek and Star Wars

Space sci-fi classics Star Wars and Star Trek have also had their fair share of influence on the drinks industry. Most recently, the production team behind the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series has teamed up with Bordeaux winery Château Picard to launch a limited-edition wine purporting to be from the family vineyards of the USS Enterprise’s former Captain, Jean-Luc Picard.

Meanwhile, Star Wars themed bars have popped up all over the world, including a new bar that is set to open at Disneyland this year. 

Creator of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas, even has his own winemaking operation called Skywalker Vineyards. In 2017, Skywalker acquired a wine estate in Provence, adding to a portfolio which includes vineyards in California’s Marin County and an estate in Italy.

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