Top 10 space-related drinks launches

Space-aged drinks

There doesn’t appear to be a type of alcohol that hasn’t been sent into space at one point or another. It has been reported that Russian astronauts have been consuming alcohol on space missions for “health reasons” since the 1970s, although for similar reasons, alcohol is forbidden on board NASA space crafts.

That said, NASA has made the odd exception. In 1985 on a French-American collaborative mission, a half bottle of 1975 Château Lynch-Bages made it on board, and is now on display at the château.

It was also reported that Sherry almost made its way onto the menu of 1970s astronauts, but was pulled following a slew of complaints and because of the “awful stench” it caused in space.

More recently, we’ve seen vials of Ardbeg sent to space in order for the distillery to study on the effect of micro-gravity on whisky ageing, while cocktail bar Mr Fogg’s in Mayfair began serving a ‘space-aged’ Negroni in 2017, after sending a bespoke blend to the stars and back.

In the same year, That Boutique-y Gin Company launched its Moonshot Gin made exclusively with botanicals that have been sent into space, as well as moon rock from a lunar meteorite.

Meanwhile, last year, Oregon brewery BridgePort joined the space race after it launched its flagship IPA into space using a specially-designed helium balloon.

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