Five outstanding Proseccos to fit any budget

Here are five outstanding Proseccos from entry-point prices to the top-end that highlight the quality and stylistic diversity on offer from this popular Italian sparkling wine region.

Even among professionals in the wine trade, there is a preconception that all Prosecco tastes the same. While it does reliably deliver a slightly sweet flavour profile of peach and pear, there is great variation in the type and character of Prosecco. But which producers are making the best examples? And from where?

It was just such questions that prompted the drinks business to launch the Prosecco Masters in 2014, and, six years on, we bring you some of the top performers from 2019’s competition, which has been held every spring since the tasting’s inception.

Now, the Proseccos featured don’t encompass every top-scoring fizz, but those that did brilliantly from a range of categories. Prosecco is, in fact, extremely varied in its offer. Not only do the sweetness levels vary considerably, from almost bone dry to creamy and saccharine, but so too do the source areas, and therefore styles of fruit.

To give you a taste of the full gamut of Proseccos being made today, the selection below takes in sparkling wines from Brut to Dry, and from DOC to DOCG, including examples from Treviso to Valdobiaddene, along with a Cartizze – a very rare and pricy form of Prosecco from a prized hill in the historic heart of the region.

The range also covers Proseccos from the inexpensive to the upmarket, so you can choose a brilliant example according to its price, as well as its sweetness level, and its source area, or try all of db’s top performers – and decide on your preferred style.

The five picks are reviewed below, and read on for some background on Prosecco styles and classifications, as well as more information on our Masters competition.

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