Heston reveals trick to make wine taste better

12th November, 2018 by Lucy Shaw

Molecular gastronomist chef Heston Blumenthal has revealed the trick he uses to make wine taste better: imagine someone you love when you drink it.

Heston believes wine taste better when you think of someone you love while drinking it

Blumenthal, who runs the three Michelin star Fat Duck in Bray and the two star Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, recently revealed his findings to the Sydney Morning Herald.

He told the Australian paper that the trick to making any wine taste better is to picture someone “you love dearly” while you’re sipping it. To test the theory, he said you should then take another sip while thinking of someone you actively dislike.

The difference in the taste of the wine….

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One Response to “Heston reveals trick to make wine taste better”

  1. Willy H says:

    I am happy to inform you that tasting wine is a lot more interesting and fortunately, more thought provoking than this Chef’s recommendation above. As for noshing on Amazonic Ants, well there is nothing new in that either. We have been enjoying them down here for years now, along with other jungle beasties in the form of very large fish that you have never seen or heard of. A little bird, tropical fish caviar and elephants trunk stew. If you need recipes please look at my blog: http://www.worldwineconsultants.com

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