China launches its own wine rating system

21st November, 2018 by Natalie Wang

In China’s most affirmative move yet to demonstrate its clout as a leading wine consumer, the country has unveiled a new wine rating system designed to evaluate imported and domestically produced wines, based on Chinese tastes, shunning a set of established international wine rating systems such as the 100-point system favoured by international wine critics.

The system was officially introduced on 18 November in Shanghai by China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA) – the country’s official regulatory and trade body for all alcoholic beverages including beer, wine and spirits – China National Food Industry Association and the Chinese Society for Horticultural Science.

The launch of the wine rating system was hailed as “a show of confidence” in the country’s own wine production capacity, its wine industry and its….

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2 Responses to “China launches its own wine rating system”

  1. Dan Sun says:

    A wine rating system should show the quality of a wine, not the preference of a specific group of consumer. China can and should have a wine rating system, but
    1, it should not be compulsory for all the imported wines. you can have a wine regulation, same with EU, but not a rating system. Everyone knows that a wine rating is more taster’s factor but not science factor
    2, it should not be a “Chinese palate”. Can you say James Holiday is Aussie palate? Rober Parker is American palate? Winemakers can make specific wine style to meet Chinese consumer’s preference but being a wine rating system, it would be unfair to give a high mark to a particular wine style.

  2. Flocker says:

    A system which will be water proof to pressure and corruption of course …

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