The best wines of Bordeaux 2017

Every year after the en primeur tastings, Liv-ex asks its 400 global members to contribute to a survey that aims to get some sort of consensus on what are considered the ‘best’ wines, those tipped to be (with any luck) the ‘best value’, where the vintage ranks against its recent peers and expected demand from customers etc.

The best wines as chosen by Liv-ex’s members certainly represent the most storied names not just of Bordeaux but of fine wine in general, comprising all five first growths and five of the leading grands crus from the Right Bank.

As such, it typifies the general feeling that at the very top of the spectrum the wines of 2017 are really very, very good – not quite as exceptional as 2016 but still no slouches.

The even split between Left and Right Bank properties also highlights the fact that this is not a vintage that favours one side of the Gironde or another.

On the other hand, this list was put together by aggregating the responses from merchants and as such while it does certainly offer a broad snapshot of the wines they consider the best, by no means does every merchant in the UK or US believe that Mouton is superior to Lafite this year or Vieux Château Certan above Lafleur and the major critics certainly don’t see it that way; therefore, while one can choose to view this list as an ascending collection of the ‘best’ wines of the 2017 vintage, one might also simply view it as a collection of the best wines ‘in no particular order.

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