Eight of the best drinks-related April Fools

Haymans – English Breakfast Gin

Fresh off the back of moving to Balham, Haymans launched a limited edition homage to greasy spoon cafés with an English Breakfast Gin.

Describing the gin, distiller Sam Pembridge commented: “It all starts with the meat – British sausage and rich, smoky bacon: the heart of any good breakfast. Mountains of rich scrambled egg jostle for top spot with toast acting as the backbone upon which everything else rests. Mushrooms, fried tomatoes and hearty hash browns ensure three of your five a day while beans bind everything together. Oft-overlooked the black pudding adds the spice element, whilst no True English Breakfast Gin would be complete without a builders brew”.

Pembridge smelling the beans…

Explaining the inspiration for the packaging, brand director Jonathan Gibson states: “It took us several months and eleven consumer focus groups to find the right design concept to launch such an important gin. The chequered tablecloth pattern reminds us all of our shared heritage, while the hand-drawn bacon rashers reference the line of continuity that links every one of us back to the great universal truth of breakfast. Breakfast is something we can all relate to on a deep and personal level – something we all have memories of; either from this morning, earlier in the week or possibly even deeper in our subconscious”.

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a taste of English Breakfast Gin anytime soon, but Haymans are planning some limited edition runs in the near future.

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