Canadian brewer files technology patent for cannabis beer

5th February, 2018 by Lauren Eads

A Canadian company has filed a technology patent for the production of beer brewed from cannabis, using a method that sees the grains traditionally used to make beer completely replaced with marijuana.

According to Euromonitor, this year the legal marijuana market will reach US$7.5 billion in Canada and $10.2 billion in the US.

Province Brands filed the provisional patent for the “world’s first beers brewed from the cannabis plant” in July 2017, further stoking interest from the drinks industry in the burgeoning cannabis industry since Constellation bought a 10% stake in Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth Corp for £141 million with plans to make cannabis-infused drinks.

Chief executive Rob Sands believes cannabis will eventually be made legal for recreational use in….

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3 Responses to “Canadian brewer files technology patent for cannabis beer”

  1. janet says:

    I think that this would better than wine!

  2. Lloyd. Fuselier says:

    I think this will start a hold new generation of great Beet

  3. CESAR ONOFRI says:

    Do you think that that Cannabis beer brand is going to the US market soon ?

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