Burgundy braces itself for smaller harvest

21st September, 2016 by Arabella Mileham

Burgundy is anticipating a patchy 2016 harvest following “challenges” caused by spring frosts, the BIVB has said – with yields potentially dipping by around 25%.

Frost in Chabis

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) has said there were questions around the volume of grapes likely to be harvested in the coming weeks, after a survey carried out among winegrowers found yields could be down by as much as 27% from the average. This would suggest a harvest of around 1.1mHL – 1.2mHL, it said.

It comes on the back of frosts in late April that were described as the most severe since the early 1980s, which were reported to have hit the entire length of Burgundy from Chablis to the Maconnais, including….

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