US presidents and their favourite drinks

With Independence Day upon us, we take a look at the US presidents that have reliably flown the flag for the alcoholic drinks trade, revealing their top tipples.


Obama is known to favour beer

Wine and alcohol have long played a key role in the development of the United States. Apparently the pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, in 1620 primarily because they had run out of beer. Which means that the search for beer literally led to the founding of a country. True or not, the preferences of presidents since the 1700s have undoubtedly helped to shape markets, influence drinking trends and, very likely, secure trade deals.

While traditionally a beer-loving nation, many US presidents have fostered a near obsessive love of wine over the years. Obama was recently outed as favouring the Spanish white variety Godello, prompting a spike in sales, while Thomas Jefferson is perhaps the best-known oenophile among the presidential set.

So this 4th July, drink as your favourite president would, and raise a glass to your Independence.

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