Brexit spurs ‘hedonistic’ drinking in London

The uncertainty about the state of the country post-Brexit has inspired “hardcore hedonistic drinking” in the UK capital according to one bar owner.


Hedonistic drinking is back in fashion post-Brexit

William Borrell, brother of Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell and owner of both vodka brand Vestal and Kentish Town bar Ladies & Gentleman, told the Evening Standard:

“It’s an incredibly interesting social barometer watching people drink. In the weeks before the referendum, the place was quieter. I started worrying people were never going to come in again.

“Then post-Brexit we saw hardcore, drinking-to-get-really-drunk drinking. On 24 June people were like cowboys in a saloon hitting the spirits.

“We had a lot of European customers and Russians quoting poetry, it was full-on. There’s this incredible sense of carpe diem hedonism because it’s Armageddon.”

The Standard reports magnums of Laurent-Perrier Champagne were “passed around like water” at the Serpentine summer party last week and guests “hit the dance floor within minutes of arriving”.

It’s no coincidence that the recently released Absolutely Fabulous movie featuring Bolly swigging Edina and Stoli chugging Patsy has done so well at the box office, providing viewers with escapist hedonism at a time when we’re craving to feel defiant.

Though despite increased drinking, Brexit is hitting the festival circuit with revelers less likely to shell out the high ticket prices in uncertain times.

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