Nottingham brewery creates ‘bwine’

A Nottingham brewery has created a hybrid drink made from the fermentation of both malted grains and Pinot Grigio grapes – a drink that is neither beer nor wine, but ‘bwine’.

Brewer Dan Gilliland says the New Era beer and wine hybrid is the first drink of its kind (Photo: Castle Rock)

Brewer Dan Gilliland says the New Era beer and wine hybrid is the first drink of its kind (Photo: Castle Rock)

Flouting the cardinal tenet of folk drinking wisdom – grape or grain but never the twain – Castle Rock, Nottingham’s biggest brewery, claims the new drink is the first ever real ale and white wine hybrid.

Half pale ale and half Pinot Grigio, the 7.7% ABV beer is called New Era and is the latest in the brewery’s Traffic Street Special series – an experimental project operating alongside the production of its more established brews.

Brewer Dan Gilliland was inspired to produce the New Era bwine by the American brewery Dogfish Head, which is well known for creating eccentric brews.

“I came across this particular type of beer from a brewery in America who had sent an archeologist out to look at some dig sites in Egypt,” Gilliland told the Nottingham Post.

“They came across some residue in a vessel about 5,000 years old that found the general practice was to use a variety of different sugar sources to produce alcohol beverages – including malts, honey and grape juice mixed together.

“The beer scene is exploding at the moment with different varieties being produced, old styles being brought back to the fore and people experimenting with different techniques.”

Gilliland said the New Era involved brewing a classic pale ale, then mixing in Pinot Grigio grape juice and Champagne yeast to induce a secondary fermentation.

“It’s come out really well and we can’t wait for everyone to taste it and see what they think,” he added. “It’s not a style of beer that people have a frame of reference for so they will be going in blind really and it should be quite provocative about how people approach it.”

The beer will be launched at the Canalhouse bar in Canal Street, Nottingham, on 21 January, and will be available in Castle Rock pubs across the city for a limited time.

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  1. John says:

    I guess they don’t get out much in Nottingham? Dogfish Head does at least four beers using grape juice or grape must already. :-/

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