Top five best-selling gin brands

Simultaneously evoking the degradation and decay of Victorian England and the glitz and glamour of the Jazz Age in America, gin is experiencing its most exciting and meaningful renaissance since it took off in the US in the Roaring Twenties with the emergence of a cocktail culture during Prohibition.

A fresh interest in the spirit has arisen from the world’s cocktail capitals, from New York to Hong Kong, sparked by bartenders rediscovering gin through classics cocktails like the Martini and Negroni. With growth fuelled by the UK, US and Spain (where over 250 different gin brands are on sale) the category grew 2.2% in 2013, bolstered by a dizzying array of small batch launches.

With Sacred and Sipsmith having blazed a bespoke trail in Highgate and Hammersmith respectively, a flood of craft distillers have entered the UK market in the last few years with new offerings that seek to differentiate themselves either via exotic botanicals or radical distillation methods – Langtons from the Lake District uses oak bark as a botanical and distills with ancient slate-filtered water, while Boxer Gin is made from wild juniper steam distilled in the Himalayas.

Sales of British gin have grown by 18% in the last two years, with consumption up in its top five markets. Gin made in the UK now accounts for 20% of the world’s supply in spite of what the WSTA calls the “punitive tax regime” in its home market.

The slew of new craft gin brands whipping
 up excitement in Britain are not
 only adding credibility and vitality to the 
category, but are also forcing the big brands to up their game in the creative

The response from the big guns has
 been varied, with Beefeater aiming to create
a new category of “sipping” gins through
 the release of the oak-aged Beefeater
 Burrough’s Reserve, which spends six
 months in Jean de Lillet barrels.

In an increasingly crowded market, new gin brands are having to go to greater lengths to stand out from the crowd. A Darwinian natural selection process is likely to take place over the next few years, with only the strongest brands surviving.

In such a saturated market, who is ruling the roost? Click through for the world’s biggest gin brands by global volume sales in 2014…

(figures are based on millions of 9-litre cases sold globally)

2 Responses to “Top five best-selling gin brands”

  1. Mark says:

    Tanqueray is the king!

  2. Rick Jordahl says:

    I am a Beefeater fan… long may they rule!

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