red wine

Red wine can ‘help fight tooth decay’

New research has added further weight to the theory that wine, specifically the polyphenols found in red wine, could help fight tooth decay and gum disease.

Bottomless Bordeaux Sunday roasts are coming to London

Restaurant group D&D London has partnered with Bordeaux Wines to launch 'Red Roasts,' a new bottomless drinks deal which will allow diners to enjoy unlimited refills of Bordeaux with every Sunday roast.

Craft beer is better for you than wine, according to experts

While doctors are keen to explore the healing properties of antioxidant-rich red wine, a new study has revealed that craft beer might be even better for you.

Drinking red wine regularly reduces risk of diabetes

Drinking red wine three to four times a week lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes according to a recent study by Danish researchers.

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