Brun: Bitterness is the new trend in Champagne

With rising temperatures leading to lower acidity levels in Champagne, Cyril Brun of Charles Heidsieck, believes bitterness will be used to achieve balance.

‘Good’ but ‘rollercoaster’ year for Champagne in UK

While the pandemic precipitated a sharp decline for Champagne sales in the UK, a post-lockdown comeback for the category proves the British taste for the fine French fizz has far from gone away, meaning it might be a “good” year for Champagne.

Champagne harvest smashed all records

This year’s harvest in Champagne has smashed all past records for picking dates, as news reaches db of an even earlier start date than officially declared.

How is Champagne adapting to climate change?

Champagne is considering sweeping changes to its viticultural model in an attempt to adapt to climate change. Giles Fallowfield considers the proposals, from expanding vine spacing to planting new grape varieties.

Top new products: August

August 6th, 2020

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