Bacardi acquires rest of Stillhouse Spirits after dismissal of $100m lawsuit

Spirits giant Bacardi has acquired the rest of US whiskey and vodka producer Stillhouse Spirits after Stillhouse's founder and ex-CEO dismissed a US$100 million lawsuit levied against Bacardi earlier this year. 

This US startup is making vodka from CO2

A drinks startup in New York is hoping to combat CO2 emissions by selling vodka distilled with carbon dioxide instead of yeast.

Kate Hudson launches ‘gluten free’ vodka brand

American actress Kate Hudson is the latest celebrity to enter the drinks game with the launch of King St. Vodka, which is gluten free and made with alkaline water.

The week in pictures

It’s been a big week for Scotch auctions. First off, an “extremely rare” miniature bottle of whisky sold for £4,000 more...

Top new products: May

May 14th, 2019

The week in pictures

April 18th, 2019

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