Vodka brand creates plastic face shields

Vodka brand Tovaritch has designed face shields for its employees and business partners to safeguard against spreading Covid-19.

Ukranian vodka company gives bartenders ‘tips’ for Instagram cocktails

Ukraine's largest vodka manufacturer has launched an online cocktail competition and is offering applicants "tips" for each entry.

10 breweries and distilleries around the world making hand sanitiser

We've taken a look at the just a handful of the companies making space in their still houses for anti-bacterial gel, from luxury goods giants like LVMH, to state-run alcohol distributors, to microdistilleries around the world.

Campari takes out €750m loan facility

Davide Campari-Milano has further strengthened its balance sheet by arranging a medium-term loan for up to €750 million with a consortium of banks.

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