Researchers are investigating the flavour profiles of vodkas made with dairy

As premium brands like Black Cow Vodka gain popularity with consumers, a team of scientists are investigating how the flavour of milk-based spirits differs from those made with grain.

Global alcohol consumption steadied in 2017 thanks to cider

Alcohol consumption worldwide actually grew in 2017, thanks to a rising number of cider drinkers providing relief to the industry after months of steady decline.

The UK’s 10 most popular homemade cocktail bases in 2018

A new study has ranked the UK's most-used spirits and liqueurs based on their popularity as cocktail ingredients.

The week in pictures

This week in the world of drinks; WSET chief Ian Harris gets his MBE, Pernod Ricard goes litter picking in Brighton, and Chrissy Teigen buys Kris Jenner a Champagne vending machine for her new house – what, you don't have one?

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