US to consider additional tariffs on beer, gin and vodka

The US has initiated another tariff review on imported goods as part of an ongoing trade dispute with the EU, which could see it consider tariffs of up to 100% on beer, gin and vodka made in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. 

Ukranian vodka company gives bartenders ‘tips’ for Instagram cocktails

Ukraine's largest vodka manufacturer has launched an online cocktail competition and is offering applicants "tips" for each entry.

Tovaritch vodka gets listing in Corte Ingles

Tovaritch vodka has just gained a widespread retail presence across Spain with a permanent listing in the Corte Ingles chain.

Vodka brand creates plastic face shields

Vodka brand Tovaritch has designed face shields for its employees and business partners to safeguard against spreading Covid-19.

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