Tovaritch! claims to be ‘most awarded vodka in the world’

Russian vodka Tovaritch!, owned by Geneva-based Tovaritch Spirits International, has laid claim to being the world's most awarded vodka with a total of 116 gongs to its name. 

In focus: Top trends in vodka

With the line between vodka and gin becoming increasingly blurred, some vodka producers are highlighting terroir and provenance to make their liquid stand out. Phoebe French finds out how they are getting their messages across.

The week in pictures

This week in the world of drinks: Jack Whitehall dishes out vodka in Fitzrovia; Carlsberg has an existential crisis; the Wine & Spirits Show goes down a storm in Westminster; and one distillery in Scotland is overrun by teeny tiny doggos...

The World Vodka Masters 2019 – Asia: results

Vodka, the neutral white spirit, may have suffered tepid demand in recent years, following mass marketed flavoured concoctions and gimmicks. Piqued by interest for other white spirits such as craft gin and terroir specific tequila, well-crafted and premium Vodkas are gaining a new life among discerning drinkers. Results from our World Vodka Masters - Asia this year affirmed that bottles that celebrate Vodka's simplicity, purity and neutrality are indeed awarded.

The week in pictures

March 8th, 2019

The week in pictures

February 15th, 2019

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