South Korea

Winner of Korea Sommelier of the Year Award 2018 announced

Sommelier Minseok Kyung, from South Korea's first Michelin-starred restaurant Jungsik, has won this year's Korea Sommelier of the Year Awards hosted by WineVision on 30 April.

Bottega opens wine lounge in South Korea

The Italian wine producer Bottega has opened a lounge in Seoul, South Korea, offering a range of wines, spirits and liquors, the company has announced.

Which Asian country drinks the most?

A recently available 2015 report by WHO shows that South Koreans are Asia’s heaviest drinkers with the highest per capita alcohol consumption, thanks to Koreans’ taste for Soju, their fermented rice wine.

South Korea warns of health hazards of wasp-infused soju

The South Korean government has issued a warning to try and halt a rising trend in the country for mixing wasps into the popular spirit 'soju' to create a 'tonic' that has perceived health benefits.

Uncorked: Donghyuk Shin

January 19th, 2016

Premium beer sales surge in Asia

September 24th, 2015

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