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Sunday 25 September 2016 loc: US

Craft Beer

Doughnut-flavoured beer released

Two new doughnut-flavoured beers have been released in Australia, and the creations are already winning praise for their unique taste.

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US bar sells beer with prices that rise and fall like stocks

A bar in Lansing, Michigan has opened that will price its beer depending on the demand from its customers.

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Motörhead to release new beer with Camerons Brewery

The heavy rockers are teaming up with the Hartlepool-based brewery to come up with a new beer dedicated to the band’s fans.

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US brewery uses George Washington’s recipe to craft a new beer

A Long Island brewery is using a 260-year-old recipe used by George Washington to help them create a new (old) beer.

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Merseyside brewery releases Corbyn and Smith ales

Beer lovers in Liverpool are being given a different way of voting for who they want to lead the Labour Party…

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Nicki Minaj record label launches Jamaica Porter

Island Records, the label of high-profile musical artists such as Nicki Minaj and Florence + the Machine, has made its second foray into beer brewing with the launch of a Jamaica Porter.

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Heineken says fake craft beer has been sold in Ireland

Heineken Ireland has confirmed that a number of its products have been mislabelled and sold as craft beer at various locations around the country.

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UK beer festival to host celebrity ‘musical ales’

A Kent pub hosting a month-long beer festival will give punters the chance to sample some of the finest ‘musical ales’ available at the moment.

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Frosted Flakes beer set for release

Beer and breakfast is never usually a winning combination, but one Oregon-based brewery is testing that theory with the release of a frosted flakes brew.

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Seven of the best craft beer towns in the US

Autumn is craft beer season, and here we bring you seven stunning cities to take in the changing of the leaves with a delightful brew.

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