Craft Beer

BrewDog loses Elvis battle

One of the UK’s leading craft brewers has lost its court battle with the Elvis Presley Estate over the naming of a beer.

HK Brewcraft launches beer bottleshop in Kowloon

HK Brewcraft, a local homebrew store in Hong Kong, has opened a new branch in Tsim Sha Tsui, showcasing 200 types of beers around the world, catering to the growing demand for craft beer in Kowloon.

SIBA joins fight against misappropriation of ‘craft’

The UK's Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has called for "greater clarity" over the true craft credentials of brewers, following a multitude of buyouts of previously independent craft brewers by multinational brewers.

English wine industry now worth £132 million

Emerging as one of the great wine success stories in recent years, the English wine industry grew its turnover by 16% last year to a record high of £132 million.

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