Craft Beer

Brewdog’s ‘beer swap’ stunt imitates mainstream brewers’ marketing campaigns

Brewdog is encouraging consumers to swap "bad" beers produced by large companies for a lager it launched this week, copying publicity stunts carried out by, er, big beer firms.

Hong Kong breweries withdraw from Beertopia due to high costs

12 breweries from Hong Kong have withdrawn from this year’s Beertopia, the city’s biggest craft beer festival, after the event organiser raised the costs for exhibitors. 

Brewdog’s ‘beer porn’ publicity stunt — how the craft world reacted

Beer giant Brewdog has said it is making a "genuine move" into digital streaming, launching a Netflix-style video service, but an accompanying parody website dedicated to "beer porn" went down exactly as you'd expect in the craft world.

The 15 most popular ‘craft’ beer brands in the US

Consumer data analytics firm Nielsen recently released figures on the total sales of beer in the US based on a variety of factors, from brands, to parent companies, right down to styles.

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