Swedes brewing since the Iron Age, evidence reveals

Archaeologists from Lund University have found that evidence that the large-scale production of beer in southern Sweden was taking place as early as the Iron Age. 

Carbon dioxide shortage threatens beer supply

A shortage of food-grade carbon dioxide is threatening the supply of beer, soft drinks and packaged meats in Europe following the closure of a number of production plants across the continent.

Goose Island wins lawsuit over Bourbon barrel-aged stout beer

AB InBev-owned brewer Goose Island has won a lawsuit after two men sued the company for more compensation after purchasing bottles of its Bourbon County stout which had been contaminated with lactobacillus acetotolerans bacteria.

AB InBev ceases funding of controversial alcohol study

The world's largest brewer, AB InBev, has pulled funding for a controversial US$100 million study, conducted by US-based National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is to examine whether there are any health benefits associated with moderate drinking. 

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