Czech brewers need drinkers for 1.3m pints

Brewers in the Czech Republic are stepping up production of beer in cans and bottles rather than keg as the country’s pubs close while also warning close to 1.3 million pints worth of fresh lager will go “off” unless it is drunk soon.

Portman Group finds fault with Fourpure’s Juicebox beer

UK drinks regulator the Portman Group has ruled that in its current form, Fourpure Brewing's Juicebox citrus IPA, which has been produced since March 2016, holds "particular appeal" to those aged under 18. 

Tokyo startup launches cricket-flavoured beer

Tokyo startup Join Earth, which produces a 'soy sauce' made with crickets, has now used the insects to make a beer in collaboration with Tono Brewing.

UK’s coronavirus policy will ‘devastate’ on-trade

Emma McClarkin, the head of the British Beer and Pub Association, said the new measures will impact pubs "with devastating effect."

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