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Champagne Report 2014

Rising Stars

We take a look at the up-and-coming winemakers destined for celebrity status

Malolactic Fermentation

How climate change is starting to affect the attitude of winemakers towards malic acid

Reserve Wines

Revealing why winemakers hold back their best wine and what it brings to NV blends


What is the role of specific soils and climates when it comes to Champagne production?

Spain Report 2013


Quality red Rioja is recognised as one of the best value fine wines in the world, so why isit yet to be taken seriously by collectors?

Regions to Watch

Often touted as one of the most exciting wine countries in the world, we bring you our top ten Spanish regions to watch in 2014

Climate Change

With inland Spain forecast to be 5-7ºC warmer by the end of the century, how will hotter regions like La Mancha be affected?

Rioja Masters

Find out which bodegas triumphed in our annual Rioja Masters competition

California Report 2013

Pinot Noir

We report on a seminar to highlight cool-climate Pinot’s stylish fit for the UK market

US wine trends

Exploring the latest shifts that are shaping California’s crucial domestic wine market

Sparkling Wines

Meet the producers raising the profile of this frequently overlooked Californian style


We explore the evolution and regional diversity offered by the state’s flagship white

Brands Report 2013

Brand Building

Brand owners flag up shifting demands within the UK multiple retail sector

Top 10: Wine

One Chinese brand disrupts the theme of stability over exciting volume growth

Top 10: Champagne

The latest rankings reflect recent developments within this luxury category

Top 10: Spirits

There’s jostling in the ranks as a number of brands step up the pressure on their rival

Champagne Report 2013


What’s shaping Champagne today? We count down the top 10 trends of 2013.

Oak Use

Michael Edwards weighs up the contentious subject of cask ageing for the region’s wines


The weight of numbers is now driving real biodynamic momentum within the region

2000 – 2010

Considering in detail the character and quality of each harvest from the noughties

Trends Report 2013

Top 10 Trends

From global consumption patterns to hybrid outlets, we pick out key trends that will shape the wine market in 2014

30 under 40

A fresh generation of winemakers is bringing fresh perspective to established producers and drawing the spotlight onto new regions

Trade Talk

Representatives from across the UK trade offer their predictions of the highs and lows we can expect to encounter in the year ahead