Deadline to submit comments on US trade tariffs approaches

The deadline to submit comments on the US government proposal to implement tariffs of up to 100% on European wine and whisk(e)y is set for the 13 January 2020. 

Top new products: December

This month's new products include four bottles of fizz to celebrate the festive season, a limited edition Port in a historic bottle, a gin made using artificial intelligence, and a canned Christmas cocktail.

US considers 100% tariffs on European wine

Having proposed tariffs of up to 100% on certain French goods earlier this month, the US government has now said it may up its tariffs on European wine and Scotch as part of an ongoing dispute over subsidies given to Airbus.

13 chilling Halloween cocktails to try in London

In case Brexit and Halloween aren't scary enough for you, we've found the spookiest cocktails in London.

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