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The beers of the Euro 2024 host cities

The UEFA Euro 2024 Championship in Germany is a fantastic opportunity for the host nation to show off its rich beer culture. db investigates.

German beer culture is highly localised and regionally-based, with local brews often dominating in one area. Each of the host cities at the Euros offers distinctive local brews that promise to delight football fans from around the world.

Here, we take a tour through the ten host cities and explore what beer fans can look forward to during the tournament.


Berlin, the historic, vibrant capital, is a melting pot of cultures and boasts a diverse beer scene.

While traditional German beers like Pilsner and Helles are widely available, Berlin is particularly famous for its Berliner Weisse.

This is a tart, sour wheat beer often served with a shot of flavoured syrup. Renowned breweries such as Berliner Kindl Brauerei produce this iconic brew.

For a modern twist, head to BRLO Brwhouse, where innovative craft beers meet traditional styles, making it a hotspot for beer lovers​.


No tour of German beer would be complete without Munich, the heart of Bavaria and home to the world-famous Oktoberfest. Here, the beer culture is deeply rooted in tradition.

Visitors must try the classic Helles, a pale lager known for its balanced flavor and crisp finish, and Dunkel, a dark lager with rich malt notes. Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner-Keller, and Paulaner Bräuhaus are just a few of the historic beer halls where fans can immerse themselves in Bavarian hospitality.

Don’t miss out on Weissbier, a Bavarian wheat beer that pairs perfectly with pretzels and sausages​.


Hamburg, a bustling port city, offers a unique beer scene influenced by both its maritime history and modern trends. Traditional beers like Kölsch and Pilsner are popular here, but the city is also a hub for craft breweries.

Ratsherrn Brewery and Blockbräu are notable spots where fans can enjoy a range of beers from traditional styles to contemporary craft brews. The city’s vibrant nightlife ensures that there’s always a place to enjoy a good pint, whether in a cozy pub or a lively bar​.


Frankfurt is not just a financial hub; it’s also a great place for beer enthusiasts. The city is known for its Apfelwein (apple wine), a refreshing cider-like beverage that locals often enjoy in traditional taverns called Ebbelwoi.

However, Frankfurt’s beer scene is also thriving, with local breweries like BrauStil offering a variety of craft beers. For those seeking a more traditional experience, Brauhaus Römer provides a great selection of German lagers and ales​.


Stuttgart, in the heart of Swabia, is known for its Gaisburger Marsch and Maultaschen, but it also has a thriving beer culture. The city’s local breweries, such as Schlossbrauerei Dinkelacker, produce a variety of traditional German beers including Pilsner and Export, a slightly stronger lager.

Visitors can enjoy these brews in the numerous beer gardens and pubs scattered throughout the city, offering a perfect blend of local cuisine and refreshing beverages​.


Cologne is synonymous with Kölsch, a light, crisp beer that is served in small, cylindrical glasses called Stangen. This beer is exclusively brewed in Cologne and is a source of pride for the locals.

Fans visiting Cologne can enjoy Kölsch in one of the many traditional Brauhaus establishments, such as Früh am Dom or Gaffel Kölsch, where the beer is often paired with hearty regional dishes like Himmel un Ääd, a traditional German dish of mashed potato with stewed apples.


Leipzig, with its rich cultural history, also offers a vibrant beer scene. Traditional beers like Pilsner are popular, but the city is also known for Gose, a unique sour beer brewed with coriander and salt.

Bayerischer Bahnhof is a must-visit brewery that specializes in this historical style, offering visitors a taste of Leipzig’s brewing heritage. The city’s growing craft beer scene is also worth exploring, with several new breweries and bars offering innovative and diverse beer selections.


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Dortmund has a strong industrial heritage and is renowned for its Dortmunder Export, a pale lager that is slightly stronger than a Pilsner, known for its smooth and balanced flavor.

The city’s beer culture is celebrated in traditional pubs and modern breweries alike. Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei (DAB) is a historic brewery where fans can sample this classic brew. The city’s vibrant football culture is mirrored in its lively beer scene, making it an exciting destination for match days​.


Just a short trip from Cologne, Düsseldorf is famous for Altbier, a top-fermented beer that is dark and malty yet surprisingly crisp. Traditional Altbier houses like Zum Uerige and Schumacher Alt offer an authentic taste of this regional specialty.

The rivalry between Düsseldorf and Cologne extends to their beers, making it a fun and spirited part of the Euro 2024 experience. Enjoying an Altbier in the old town (Altstadt) is a must for any beer enthusiast .

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