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10 cheap beers for any occasion

A list identifying ‘the cheapest beers for any occasion’ has been made in the US to help consumers find cost-effective beers for any activity. 

The selection, created by The Portland Herald offers Americans a go-to selection of cheap beers for a host of time-killing activities. Here’s a snapshot of each of the choices and a few of the occasions that they would work well alongside, according to the locals.

1. Miller Lite at the beach

A hot day on the beach calls for an ice-cold beer. It’s only 4.2% ABV and has hints of bitterness and subtle citrus hops. Also, it costs only about US$15 for a 12-pack.

2. Yuengling at the dive bar

America’s oldest brewery’s flagship beer is now available in 26 states. Yuengling is hearty and full-bodied, so when a dive bar doesn’t have craft options, Yuengling is a good go-to. Plenty of bars will charge about US$5 and up for a bottle, whether on draught or in a can.

3. Okocim O.K. to take to a BBQ

This Polish lager is the quintessential beer to bring to a barbecue, without breaking the bank. It’s said to be an obscure, but relatively-easy-to-find import that usually sells for US$10 or less for a four-pack of tallboys. This classic lager made with Poland’s mineral-rich water is slightly sweet and malt-forward, with the hops taking the back seat. For that reason, it’s reportedly wonderful when paired with foods like burgers and sausages.

4. Tecate at a tailgate party

Tecate is perfect for autumn sporting events. This Mexican lager is crisp and easily crushable and pairs nicely with any salty or spicy pregame snack – think zesty buffalo wings and hearty chilli. Tecate is often available in 12-packs that ring in about US$15.

5. Budweiser at a gig

If it’s a bring-your-own event, then you can grab a six-pack for about US$10 and a bottles of Bud fits easily into the back pocket of your jeans while you are listening to a band.

6. Sapporo at a picnic

Available in cans as big as 22 ounces and as small as 12, Sapporo is said to be a versatile option for picnics because it pairs well with a variety of foods. Pack a 22-ounce can for less than US$5 and share it with your pals. Sapporo’s mild flavour won’t dominate in the way a hoppy IPA or tart sour might. The Japanese rice lager is light and clean, so it is said to go as easy on your taste buds as on your wallet.

7. Pabst Blue Ribbon on a fishing trip

Nothing says “American summer” quite like a sweaty PBR on a wooden dock stretching out into a lake. You can find 30-packs for about US$25, and keep it chilled by your side as you cast line after line. At 4.8% ABV, it has been recommended to stand up to your day on the water – regardless of whether you reel anything in.

8. Miller High Life on your couch

High Life has light hops and a subtle malty funk and can easily be sipped. Plus, a High Life also goes well with a slice of pizza. Get a 12-pack of High Life for about IS$12 and consider your evening planned.

9. Modelo Especial at a DJ set

A rising star lager out of Mexico whose sales surpassed Bud Light’s during one four-week stretch in May. Ideal for a night of dancing because it isn’t heavy enough to slow you down, but its layered flavours keep it from being boring. Modelo is usually about US$5 at a bar and less than US$20 for a 12-pack.

10. Narragansett at the pickleball court

Its tall white can is said to be synonymous with Boston bars, Rhode Island sports and anything involving water along the northern East Coast. Grab a six-pack of tallboys for under US$10 while you’re heading to the court. It’s said to be a great choice for pickleball as the sport demands physical activity without zapping your energy, making a postgame beer like this a fitting reward.

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