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Are these the internet’s most polarising beer opinions?

Differing perspectives on beer are being argued on social media, with five views in particular being outlined as the most polarising of all.

In a report from Vinepair which took a look into beer opinions and complaints on social media site Reddit, it was found that there was a fine line between unified views and common gripes. Here are the five most polarising views:

1, Nitro beers are just flat beers

Reddit user hcubguy said: “Nitro beers are just flat beers that are a little bit smoother, and really just ruin a perfectly good beer on CO2.”

As reports continue to highlight, Guinness is one of the most popular beers on the planet, but it’s also one of the only mass market beers infused with nitrogen. However, brewers have started experimenting with the technique for other styles. Now, some Reddit users have taken to the forums to complain that the addition of nitrogen ruins an otherwise good beer with some claiming that nitrogen leaves a beer flat, and someone else chipping in to complain that nitrogen mutes a beer’s flavour and aroma. Arguments ensued.

2, Not enough breweries make 6-packs

Reddit user JimP3456 said: “16 oz can 4 packs are trash. Give me 6 packs or else.”

In a situation where one Redditer comment bashed the new industry norm of packaging beers in four packs of 16-ounce cans and lamenting there weren’t enough six-packs, the point was argued as being linked to value for money. But, despite this, there are allegedly many reasons breweries stick to four-packs – often with the latter being more environmentally friendly. Others also pointed out that there is something nice about not having to commit to a full 16 ounces of beer every time you crack open a can and perhaps this is an area the industry needs to look at more closely – what the consumer wants and what the planet and the industry needs to comply with too.

3, There aren’t enough saisons

Reddit user Dry-Helicopter-6430 said: “There are too many goddamn IPAs out there. Not enough Saison.”

On Reddit, saisons are oft-identified as many a brewer’s favourite style of beer, but also beer fans have grown fond of the style as well and feel extremely impassioned about it. However, as most breweries make the bulk of their profits by releasing IPA, consumers are still complaining online about ‘the saison drought’. However, according to Vinepair, the numbers just don’t add up as it points out that on top of taking a long time to brew and generally commanding a higher price point, people aren’t buying them to the degree they claim to be.

4, Beers that “taste like candy” are “ruining the industry”

Reddit user GraemeMakesBeer said: “Making beer that tastes like candy or is designed for social media buzz rather than crafting well-made artisanal products is ruining the industry.”

Fruited beers, pastry stouts, and kettle sours often get a bad rap in the beer sector. It’s not that there aren’t excellent examples of each that exist, but they do often fall into the realm of beers that tastes like sweets and no longer like beer. But to say that they’re “ruining the industry” is a bit of a push. There are lots of different beer styles that appeal to lots of different people and that is what makes beer exciting and interesting. There is a simpler view, which is that nobody is making anyone drink a beer they don’t like or want. Just find an alternative, there are plenty to suit all.

5, Quality beer isn’t affordable anymore

Reddit user Blackish1975 said: “Most people can’t afford to drink quality anymore.”

The term quality is subjective. For instance, there are some breweries that are both made at scale and popular and yet and still top many beer connoisseur’s lists of favourites, but there are plenty of people who like to turn their noses up at their existence and their status. Sure, some revered breweries may be using more expensive ingredients and making smaller batches of beer, but that doesn’t mean that all less expensive brews are also low-quality.

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