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US senator Ted Cruz tells Biden to ‘kiss my ass’ on two beer ‘rule’

US senator Ted Cruz has gone viral for a clip where he tells president Joe Biden to ‘kiss my ass’ on a potential two alcoholic drink recommendation.

The news follows reports last week that the US may follow Canada and recommend only two alcoholic drinks a week, when it reassesses its alcohol guidelines in 2025. At present, the US has relatively liberal public health guidelines, with the recommendation of two drinks a day.

When quizzed on the move by conservative commentator Eric Bolling, Cruz took a dramatic response, which has subsequently gone viral. Cruz appears to suggest the two drinks recommendation is a rule or form of prohibition, which is how many social media users interpreted the clip.

He refers to other legislation where the Biden administration has banned certain products in the clip, making it appear he thinks beer is being banned. Although he does mention in his speech that the two drinks are a ‘guideline’, making it unclear if he realises the ‘rule’ is only a recommendation.

It should be noted the recommendation isn’t even official government policy as well, and at the time of writing, the Biden administration has refuted that it will become law. This was after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took to X (formerly Twitter) to state a Daily Mail headline claiming it could happen was ‘absolutely false’.

Previously, when the question was put by a Fox News reporter to Jean-Pierre if Biden agreed with the recommendation, she said that she would “leave it to the experts” and not directly comment on the situation.

Although Biden doesn’t drink alcohol, he has encouraged Americans in the past, including an An InBev promotion which offered Americans a free round of beer if they got vaccinated against Covid-19.

In the Bolling clip, Cruz said: “Number one, why would Biden have an alcohol tsar and secondly, why do they want to control every damn aspect of your life?

“When Biden came in, one of the first things they wanted to do was ban gas stoves…they are trying to go after and regulate ceiling fans. It’s hot in Texas, we don’t want to get rid of our ceiling fans.

“And now these idiots have come out and said drink two beers a week, that’s their guidelines.”

“Well, I’ve got to tell ya’, if they want to drink two beers a week, frankly they can kiss my ass.”

You can see the video here.

Cruz then reached for a beer, dramatically pulled off the cap and took a swig, along with a number of people behind him, in a clearly orchestrated shot.

The news following comments by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) that the two drink rule could come into force.

A director of the NIAAA, Dr George Koob stating to the Daily Mail he was watching Canada – where the two drink recommendation is being enforced – with interest as the guidelines of drinking are due for review in 2025.

He told the Daily Mail that “if there’s health benefits, I think people will start to re-evaluate where we’re at”, and

Currently, the guidelines in the USA states men can have two bottles of beer, glasses of wine or shots per day, while women can have one.

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