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10 of the worst food and drink serves of all time

Creatively-served food and drink can delight some restaurant guests and anger others. Here, db takes a look at some of the worst offenders.

The list of abominations, gathered by We Want Plates, showcases a medley of dishes and drinks served in obscure ways. Indeed, the world of hospitality is a fun place, but evidence gathered below suggests that sometimes it can also be one where you wonder if the chefs and owners are more than a little mad. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the best/worst serves that made customers gasp and grimace before running for the door.

1, Corn on a bolt

It can indeed be a bit tricky to eat corn on the cob without a napkin or the correct skewers. Although here, this camping DIY themed serve feels a little industrial, if not dangerous.

Pic: @isobelblaikie

2, A decent measure of Cola

In this flashback to times when you’re a student and nobody’s done the washing up, this Coca Cola served in a measuring jug is an hilarious throwback. Was that the point? No. We have no idea why anyone would serve a drink like this.

Pic: @RobertOrdever


3, A pint of shepherd’s pie 

In a recent news piece we revisited the horror of pub goers being served their shepherd’s pie in a pint glass. Protestations were many and were heard loud and clear across social media. 

Pic: @headcovers

4, Meat Barbie

In a strange mix between toilet roll dolly and Lady Gaga this could be a fashionable way to serve your charcuterie. Or not.

Pic: Ged Richter


5, Marmite on toast

Although we are no stranger to deconstructed dishes, when you order Marmite on toast, you don’t always expect it to be served with such a flourish. This pub chef must be hugely frustrated to not be working in fine dining.

Pic: Huon Oliver


6, Breakfast from the operating table

Yes, it’s a vegetarian breakfast. But we’re not sure why it is served in a surgical tray. A little clinical? Yes. At least there’s no blood-red ketchup or any sharp knives.

Pic: @ThatDamnYank


7, Spag bol in a glass

As we’ve said before, if we wanted to eat our favourite foods from a glass we would ask for it. But this looks like a worm farm from hell.

Pic: @benhowell123


8, Savoury sundae 

It’s a nice touch when your streaky bacon serves as a garnish. All the same, nobody wants to eat beans with a long dessert spoon and have to dig deep.

Pic: @is_it_dom


9, Sausage brew

Like a storm in a teacup. Only, with sausages and onions. It’s a carvery side serve that would not look out of place at a Mad Hatter’s party. 

Pic: @CardiffTeaCup


10, Prawn cocktail surprise

Back in the day you used to be able to win a goldfish at the fairground. Now, due to ethical standards, you can only glimpse them for the time it takes to finish your prawn cocktail starter.

Pic: @millyandpip


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