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Botanical-based mood-enhancing spirit Sentia Black launches 

GABA Labs, headed up by neuropsychopharmacologist professor David Nutt, has introduced its second mood-enhancing spirit, Sentia Black.


Hot on the heels of the launch of the world’s first science-backed functional spirit Sentia Red, Nutt and his team at have introduced the variant Sentia Black using “a powerful plant-based formula” that is an alternative to ethanol that helps people to feel like they’re drinking alcohol, without any of the side effects.

On the discovery that the GABA neurotransmitter (which produces relaxed and sociable sensations) is at the heart of the ‘good’ alcohol experience, GABA Labs and Nutt set about designing a drink to produce those light, relaxed and positively social feelings that drinkers’ have positively associated with alcohol, without the downsides.

According to GABA Labs CEO David Orren: “Ethanol is old technology” and yet rather than create “yet another alcohol-free alternative to an increasingly saturated market” the plan is “to change the face of social drinking as we know it”.

Orren explained: “Alcohol has its place when socialising and quite often a couple of alcoholic drinks help most of us unwind, relax, loosen our inhibitions, and forge connections, which humans thrive on for survival. But alcohol is a blunt tool and sadly also presents dangers to our health, wellbeing and to society. That is why the discovery that neurotransmitter, GABA, is at the heart of the good drinking experience, is a game-changer for the industry.”

Nutt added: “Humans are social beings. We need to relax and unwind together and abstaining from alcohol should not have to mean ‘going without.’ We want mindful drinkers to be able to ‘opt in’ and socialise with sophisticated drinks choices that bring the proven benefits of relaxation to their wellbeing.

Sentia Black is said to have an “intense spiced pepper warmth, earthy body and smoky bitter finish” and the company suggests that consumers try it “neat, over ice, with a soda, ginger beer, or in a sophisticated cocktail” to create a drink that “hits your sweet spot, without hitting you with a hangover”.

Sentia Black contains no refined sugar, and uses natural sweetener, agave, to enhance its taste. The drink includes antioxidants due to its 11 herbal ingredients and has 6.5cals per 25ml serve. It is also suitable for vegans, gluten-free, Fair Trade, GM free, is 65% organic and contains zero allergens. Sentia Black will be available from 1 March retailing at £29.50 per 50cl bottle and can be purchased directly from the brand, at all Planet Organic stores and via Amazon.

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