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How long does Champagne last once it’s opened?

Champagne is a beverage associated with a single evening. Purchased with an event in mind, it is theatrically popped open, poured out and clinked together in distinctive flutes. Aside from its connection to special events, like ringing in the new year or giving nerve-wracking toasts, Champagne has a short shelf-life once opened.

But when the festivities come to an end, you might be wondering how long the leftover Champagne sitting in your fridge will last before it is no longer drinkable. Is it still okay to drink when the night is over?

Good news: Champagne is still good the next day, and tends to keep for between three to five days. However, it will generally be best consumed within 24 hours (and ideally right away!) While still wines can last up to a week from the first pour, sparkling wine should be consumed before it goes flat, or else the flavours will dissipate.

You’ll be able to tell instantly if Champagne has gone off. The sweet aromas will be replaced by a vinegary smell, and the drink itself will taste flat and slightly sour. Unfortunately, bad Champagne is not drinkable, nor can it be salvaged.

To maintain the freshness of opened Champagne for as long as possible, you should store it in the fridge immediately. Champagne stoppers are a useful way of keeping fizz in and oxygen out. The old spoon-in-the-bottle technique is reportedly a myth, although it might keep the bottle slightly cooler.

If you really want your bottles of bubbly to stay bubbly, Coravin has created a preservation system that keeps Champagne crisp for up to four weeks. The Sparkling Stopper keeps out oxygen, while the Sparkling System inserts CO2 back into the bottle.

While Champagne is usually reserved for special moments, the Coravin Sparkling System helps preserve one bottle across multiple weekends. Or, if you’re feeling decadent, a mid-week treat.

Left unopened, Champagne usually lasts between three and seven years depending on the style. Vintage Champagne lasts even longer – more than a decade in some cases.

For optimal storage, Champagne is best kept in a cool, dark place rather than the fridge. When you’re ready to celebrate, place it in the fridge or an ice bucket for 30 to 45 minutes before you pop the cork.

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