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Find out what drinks are selling well online

In 2022, consumers bought more spirits, made consistent orders of wine, but reduced their orders for beer, according to global E-commerce drinks delivery retailer Drizly.

Speaking to the drinks business, Drizly head of consumer insights Liz Paquette, said: “In 2022, spirits accounted for 45% share on Drizly, increasing by one percentage point from 2021, while wine remained flat at 38% share and beer accounted for 14% share, down two percentage points from 2021.”

Paquette identified how Tequila has been the fastest-growing spirits category in terms of share gains on Drizly over the past few years and 2022 was no different. Additionally, recent report findings revealed that consumer interest in vodka was waning and lacked the excitement it once tapped into among drinkers.

She told db: “Tequila represented 19% share of the spirits category in 2022 on Drizly, up from 18% share in 2021 and 15% share in 2020. Meanwhile, vodka remained flat at 22% share year-over-year from 2022 to 2021, and down one percentage point from 2020. In Drizly’s 2022 Retail Report, only 19% of respondents ranked vodka as a category that overperformed their expectations compared to 54% for Tequila.”

The retailer explained how the ready-to-drink cocktail category that is clearly growing and represented a 5.8% share of the spirits category last year after experiencing a 38% growth in share from 2021 and 115% growth in share from 2020.

Paquette said: “63% of respondents said they expect to carry more RTD inventory next year, with a mere 13% planning to stock less.”

In 2022, Prosecco accounted for 22% share of the sparkling wine category on Drizly, a 10% growth in share from 2021. Meanwhile, Champagne experienced a 1% decrease in share.

Paquette observed how “59% of retailers surveyed expecting to sell more less expensive bubbly in 2022 than in 2021.”

While the hard seltzer category remained larger than the RTD category on Drizly in 2022, it did see a share decline year-over-year: accounting from 19% share in 2022 in the beer category – a 10% decrease in share from 2021.

Paquette explained: “While consumers continue to have more options in the portable/canned drinks category, which includes products like RTDs and hard lemonade, hard seltzer continues to be the largest beer subcategory on Drizly. In fact, 49% of participating retailers indicated that they plan to carry more hard seltzer products next year.”

Amidst an overall decline in beer share on Drizly over recent years, the light lager subcategory is, according to the online drinks retailer, experiencing growth.

For instance, the sales reports show how in 2022, light lager accounted for 18% share of the beer category – experiencing a 6% growth in share from 2021 and 20% growth in share from 2020.

“Meanwhile, IPA share has declined year-over-year in the beer category – dropping from 8% share in 2022 from 9% share in 2021 and 11% share in 2020,” Paquette told db.

Despite the relatively small size of the non-alcohol (NA) categories on Drizly, they have seen significant recent growth on the platform over the past few years. For instance, in 2022, NA categories share on Drizly rose 29% year-over-year compared to 2021, and 184% from 2020.

Paquette added: “As share for the NA category has risen on Drizly, so has the number of options: there were 70% more non-alcoholic brands available on Drizly in 2022 than in 2021″ and revealed: “Non-alcoholic spirits ranked as Drizly’s fastest-growing NA subcategory in 2022 compared to 2021.”

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