Power 100: The Italian job

13th January, 2021 by Rupert Millar

While Bordeaux continued to falter in the Liv-ex Power 100 list in 2020, Italy’s wines powered ahead in popularity.

LAST YEAR’S Power 100 hinted at changes in the secondary fine wine market but hadn’t yet fully revealed its hand. Liv-ex co-director Justin Gibbs called it a “transition year”, as trends such as Burgundy’s dominance, Italy creeping up the charts and Bordeaux’s flagging performance continued.

But while not much seemed to have changed, there were some nasty side-squints going on as various players eyed each other up, hands hovering, fingers twitching over their shooting irons. “These trends were already in place,” notes Gibbs in relation to this year’s list. “Bordeaux declining and others gaining, the question was who would gain?”

Going into 2020 it’s been the rising regions that have proved quicker on the draw, and there’s much to unpack in the performance of Burgundy and the US, but, above all else, the story of Italy’s rise as the new powerhouse in the secondary market.

This year’s top 10 (indeed the whole list) is probably the most diverse ever, with just one first growth making the cut and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti falling out completely to….

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