Aldi boosts no and low range of craft beers

Aldi has launched a new range of no and low drinks  as it cashes in on the trend for Dry January.


The new range comprises six drinks – four no and low craft beers, a low alcohol cider and a gin-inspired non-alcoholic rhubarb and ginger drink under its Haysmith’s brand, which is claims is 50% cheaper than the category’s leading Seedlip brand.

The drinks include a no alcohol lager pear flavoured lagre called Sainte Etienne (89p per 500nl), a golden pilsner Rheinbacher, which comes as a six-pack (RRP: £2.49), two 0.5% 330ml IPAs, The Low Down Craft IPA, which includes pale malt and Cascade hops, and Low Profile Craft IPL which contains Goldings and Willamette, along with a low alcohol strawberry and lime flavoured 0.5% cider called Alska (85p per 500ml).

It has also rolled out a vegan Prosecco, Collezione Oro Vegan Prosecco (£6.99).

According to Nielsen data, sales of low and no alcoholic drinks rose 32.5% immediately prior to last year’s March lockdown, and have since increased by 30% to £188m.

In keeping with the Dry January there, Morrisons has also rolled out deals on no/low-alcohol products, slashing the price of around 30 products including five zero alcohol wines,  and ‘noseccos’, and a range of craft beers and ciders.

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