Rhône fine wine: Slow and steady wins the race?

18th November, 2020 by Rupert Millar

The Rhône Valley’s status as a producer of fine wines has never really been in doubt but for decades its performance relative to peer regions in France and beyond has been poor. With signs that it’s gaining traction in the secondary market, however, is the Rhône’s steady perseverance starting to pay off?

As Liv-ex laid out in a recent report, the Rhône is a “paradox in the fine wine world” and a region that has remained in the shadows, “despite having many of the attributes that should make it shine on the secondary market – quality, diversity, history and stories”.

Its vintage quality is high and consistent, its top wines have excellent critical scores (Robert Parker was much more of a Rhône than a Bordeaux one), the wines for the most part are accessibly priced and while it has complex soils and terroirs it’s a much easier proposition than, say Burgundy, to get to grips with.

That said, consistency can dull the edge of urgency, if every vintage is good, there’s no need to rush to buy one over another. Parker’s preference for more robust iterations….

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