Breaking Bad stars’ mezcal label Dos Hombres comes to the UK

3rd August, 2020 by Edith Hancock

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are bringing their fledgling mezcal label to the UK this month.

Called Dos Hombres Mezcal, the spirit, which was created by actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, has now launched in the UK in department store Selfridges.

Paul said the idea to launch a mezcal came about seven years after finishing Breaking Bad. They decided it was still too soon to work on another TV show together given they wanted to pursue other solo projects, but they did want to do something.

“I said ‘what about the booze business, what about mezcal?’, and Brian laughed. I wasn’t joking,” he said during a press tasting over Zoom. While Paul was used to the trendy craft mezcals popping up in L.A. cocktail bars in recent years, Cranston knew it as a cheap “punishment drink” in his student days for people who turned up late to the party or made a bad joke.

They spent a week travelling across Mexico looking for the perfect mezcalero in Oaxaca, eventually finding one that Paul said, “honestly looked like a meth lab in a forest”.

The pair struck a deal with their “maestro mezcalero”….

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