Napa winery tasting rooms forced to close again

Restaurants, bars and winery tasting rooms in California’s Napa County have to shut their doors again tomorrow after a fresh spike in coronavirus cases.

As reported by the Napa Valley Register, a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases has forced indoor venues in Napa County, including tasting rooms, to close on 9 July.

In a statement released by California governor Gavin Newsom on Monday, it was announced that the new restrictions in Napa County would come into play at 12:01 am on Thursday 9 July.

Restaurants, winery tasting rooms, pubs, bars, cinemas and museums will all remain shut until 30 July, though may have to remain closed longer.

According to the Napa Valley Register, restaurants with outdoor seating would be allowed to remain open.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, 60 new coronavirus cases were reported in Napa County, increasing the total number of cases to 436.

“It is critical that the community continues to follow best practices including wearing a face covering, staying within your household bubble, maintaining a physical distance of at least six feet from those not in your household, and avoiding parties and gatherings,” county supervisor Diane Dillon said in the statement.

“If Napa County cannot improve its metrics, it will likely be subject to an extended closure and additional measures,” Dillon added.

One Response to “Napa winery tasting rooms forced to close again”

  1. Mike Owen says:

    If you test a population for a virus that you know is there and 99% of the people who have it don’t know they are infected because they have no symptoms – I’ll bet you find the ‘cases’. It is the same as testing the population for left-handed people. Yes, they are out there. Yes, less than 1% of them will kill you. It is the nature of a virus to move through a population until there are no hosts left to infect. The only thing all the measure that are being forced on the population do is creating a timing difference of when the virus will infect and (not) affect any individual. We used to be concerned about hospitalizations and deaths. Now, there is forced testing of a known population and the predictable results cause closures of businesses and and unbridled infection of fear in our society. We were all so giddy about moving to ‘Phase 2’ that we missed the fact the mandated testing would shut down our society again and again. This is a bad loop.

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